1. Enter the webshop URL/link as provided by Audatex.

    Please note: As a minimum you will require Internet Explorer version 10 or the latest version of Chrome or Mozilla.

    Process an order
  2. A notification pop-up will appear for every new order received. Click on the notification to arrive at the “All Orders” page.

  3. The relevant order will be automatically selected. Double-click on the order line or click on the
    icon to open the selected order.

  4. Once in the parts basket, you have the option to… A) Enter the expected delivery date. B) Enter a WIP or order reference number. C) Put individual parts on backorder. D) Reply to the buyer’s message

  5. Once happy with the order, click on the icon.

    Respond to a quote request

    Your customer will be able to send you additional sales opportunities as quote requests. Giving you the ability to quote against a full basket of parts.

  1. You will get a pop-up notification and an e-mail when you receive a new quote request from the customer.

  2. Click on the Order Quotes tab to see all quote requests and click on the Open Quotes button to proceed.

  3. Click on the Quote Reply button, to respond to the request.

  4. Enter the discount amount and a comment for the buyer. Click  to send the quote to the customer. Once the quote is accepted by the buyer, you will receive a notification and an order with the discounted pricing applied.