Crash Repair customers who are already using Audatex as their platform will be able to send you orders and quote requests through InPart.
InPart gives your customers the ability to send you additional sales opportunities as Quote Requests. Giving you the opportunity to quote against a full basket of parts.
Simply use the URL and login credentials provided by Audatex, these will be emailed to you directly. If you’re not on InPart yet or you no longer have your invitation email, then please contact the Sales Desk at salesdesk@audatex.co.uk / Tel: 0118 923 5734.
Chances are that your Bodyshop customers are already the Audatex estimating platform. This means that InPart will be free of charge for them. Simply contact our salesdesk@audatex.co.uk / Tel: 0118 923 5734 and we will support you with the on-boarding process.
Audatex uses parts price files that are provided directly by manufacturers. This data appears in both our crash and repair estimating system as well as InPart.
Yes. The system includes an icon that will allow you to enter a dfferent delivery date for each part along with a comment for the buyer.
This normally takes less than a minute and requires little to no manual input.
If you are having trouble accessing InPart, please contact the support team on 01189 235734 or email servicedesk@audatex.co.uk

Sales enquiries

Please contact your local Audatex business manager or alternatively contact our Sales Desk:

Service enquiries

If you need any support or have any service enquiries please contact our Service Desk: